Loving Lowry

Prep School
13 Mar 23

Pupils in Year 4 have been introduced to L.S Lowry. They have been creating sketchbook pages that reflect the much-admired artist, applying their fact-finding and Observation Learning Power to capture the heart of his art. ​

Laurence Stephen Lowry was born in Manchester in 1887 and during his life, was offered five honours from the Queen (including a Knighthood) and rejected them all. The children acknowledged that he was a modest, shy person, who did not crave attention – it did not concern him how many likes he got or that his art was different!

He was enamoured by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, industrial landscapes and watching people. Drawing people in the style of L.S Lowry’s matchstick figures, they embraced the stick figure, large feet and a five-colour palette. Vermillion, flake white, ivory black, Prussian blue and yellow ochre splashed across their sketchbook pages, livening the factories and facts that creatively reflected Lowry’s style and inspired a love and appreciation of his paintings.​