Prefect’s Piece: Recipes

Prep School
13 Mar 23

Hello, my name is Holly and one of my favourite hobbies, besides art and horse riding, is cooking. I love to watch cookery programmes and every weekend I make pancakes and we experiment with different flavours and even make art pancakes, using lots of different colour batters and make funny pictures and then eat them all up.

One of my favourite recipes is a mean chicken and mango curry, the recipe for which I have shared below.


One onion (chopped), one garlic clove (crushed), five-centimetre piece of fresh ginger (chopped or grated), one red chilli (I like it spicy!), 600-grams chicken breast fillet (diced), two tablespoon oil, one tablespoon mild or medium curry paste/ powder, one x 400ml can of coconut milk, one large mango (cut into chunks), small bunch of coriander (chopped), salt and black pepper (to taste), rice (basmati is my favourite to serve it with) (Serves four people)

Cook chicken in oil, once brown add the onion, garlic, ginger and chilli, stir for five minutes add curry powder/ paste, stir for two minutes, add coconut milk and leave to simmer for ten minutes until cooked. Add salt and pepper to suit your taste, stir through fresh chopped coriander or sprinkle on top. You can stir the mango into the curry or serve on the side of your plate which is how I prefer it. Serve with basmati rice and it really is delicious.

I also really enjoy making brownies and anything that includes chocolate. My favourite chef is Jacques Torres who is a famous French chocolatier and pastry chef who lives in New York.

One of my favourite dishes at school is Kirsty’s rice pudding – I hope one day she will share her recipe with me so I can make it once I have left SVPS. That way, I can still enjoy it, and it will bring back happy memories when I eat it.

I hope you get a chance to make my curry and I hope you enjoy it too.

Holly T, 6S