Learning Powers – 29.04.22

Prep School
29 Apr 22

Our final pair of Learning Powers this year is Curiosity and Originality. Mr Watkins, Deputy Head, introduced these to the children last week, through the lens of how we use questions to solve problems in new and creative ways.

The children discussed with Mr Watkins the value of “what if?” as a construct and began to consider some scenarios where these sorts of questions could take us on a journey of discovery. If a family was so inclined, these philosophical questions could be used to spend time together exploring an idea, perhaps over a meal or on a long journey. Examples of questions that you might like to spend time discussing include:

“What if you had the power to change one thing in the world forever?”

“What if there was no electricity for a year anywhere in the world?”

“What if you had to spend 100 days on a desert island all alone? What ten things would you take with you and why?”

“What if pigs really could fly?”

“What if you knew the future?”

It is almost as much fun coming up with questions as it is finding answers to them and if you get stuck, there are lists available online that could keep you going for a very long time!