Brilliant Beatrix Potter

Prep School
29 Apr 22

This week, children in Year 5 applied their Super Hoot Learning Powers of flexibility and collaboration to create mood board maps that reflected the life and art of Beatrix Potter. This brilliant woman’s legacy lives on through her amazing artwork, stories and films. Beatrix’s passion for nature, curiosity and love of learning, captured the enthusiasm of the children and they worked brilliantly in groups to compile their mood boards. Collaboratively, tasks were shared and the children were flexible in delegating who did what, along with celebrating individual strengths.

They retrieved information and drew animals and images that visually and factually captured Beatrix Potter’s world. Delighting in the character of Peter Rabbit (inspired by Beatrix’s pet rabbits), her detailed drawings of fungi (a passion that embraced her scientific side) and her farming interests (she bred Herwick sheep) gave Year 5 opportunities to extend their drawing skills and reflect on Beatrix’s environmental endeavours. She loved the country and left almost all her property to the National Trust.

An exhibition of Beatrix Potter’s work, titled Drawn to Nature is on at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London until 8th January 2023. This family-friendly exhibition will take you on a journey to discover Potter’s life as a scientist and conservationist and explores the places and animals that inspired her most beloved characters. It is brilliant and well worth a visit! Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature – Exhibition at South Kensington