Help to Help the Homeless

Senior School
12 Nov 21

Did you know that it takes 80 years for one crisp packet to decompose? Did you know it only takes 150 crisp packets, ironed together, to make a survival blanket for a homeless person to keep their sleeping bags insulated and dry for the winter?

I think it is so sad that so many people are homeless, I cannot imagine being by myself, on the streets, in the freezing cold worrying about surviving the winter – it must be terrible.

As many people may have heard, an ironing company called The Iron Man has pledged to make as many of these blankets as they possibly can for the winter months, but they need help. I would like to help as many homeless people as possible; if I could ask everyone to collect all their crisp packets at home and at School between 1st November and 1st December then I will collect them all, take them home and rinse them out and then send them The Iron Man. I hope you can support me.

Sophie E (Year 6)