Headmaster Copy Prize Winners

Senior School
2 Oct 20

We are delighted to announce that Tilly Counsell, Meredith McInulty and Isabelle Priestley (all First Form) have been awarded Headmaster’s Copy Prizes, for outstanding academic work, during this week’s assembly.  

Nominated by Mrs Loy, their work demonstrates their effort to engage in their learning, despite the challenges faced during Science where they are unable to use the Science labs. 

Tilly had been very inventive with jelly, using different sizes and colours to represent the planets. Meredith created an excellent model solar system and Isabelle made a cake with very accurate representations of the planets based on colour. 

Mr Grindlay introduced the award of copy prizes to recognise outstanding work. Our teachers, via their Head of Department, can submit extraordinarily good pieces of academic work to the Headmaster, who awards a copy prize if he agrees it is worthy.

Well done to you all for this achievement. 

Tilly Counsell

Meredith McInulty’s model solar system

Isabelle Priestley’s cake