Annual Kingdon Lecture 2020

Senior School
2 Oct 20

You are cordially invited to the Annual Kingdon Lecture 2020, this year hosted by Cocoa Runners. Mr Jones, Head of Academic Scholars, has created this unique virtual event, in light of the current circumstances, which allows us to open the invitation to the whole community.

Spencer Hyman, co-founder of Cocoa Runners (, will be our guest speaker on ‘The Ethics Of Chocolate’, including real-time craft chocolate tasting via Zoom. Spencer’s interactive talk will cover a host of fascinating areas including: the geography and environmental impact of mass-produced chocolate, the ecological benefits of craft chocolate, the science of taste and aspects of philosophy. Click here for a more detailed summary of what to expect.

If you would like to attend, please join us on Friday 16th October 2020 from 7pm – 8.30pm via Zoom:

Zoom via Web:  


Zoom via App: Meeting ID: 961 3872 7131, Passcode: 175763

Please order some chocolate from the Cocoa Runners website, using their instructions below: We’ve two tasting kits.  One for families (ideal for four to eight people) which costs £34.95, and another that is good for Singles / Couples that is £18.95. These kits contain the same chocolates – but the Couples Kit consists mainly of Taster Bars; the Family Kit consists mainly of full-sized bars. To order the singles/couples kit please visit  To order the Family Kit please visit   (we can offer 10% off the Family Kit with a CRSVS10 coupon code). We charge for postage: it’s RM24 Tracked and is £3.95/£4.95 (depending on the kit size).  Please allow three to five working days for your chocolate to arrive.

If you have any queries, please do contact Mr Jones here.