French Fun in Nursery!

Senior School
30 Jan 20

The Nursery children have been very busy learning French, with the help of their two French puppet friends, Léo and Lulu. They only speak French and so every lesson they help the children to learn new French words, play games, learn songs and rhymes and listen to stories.

This week, Léo taught the children to say their names in French and they enjoyed singing his football song, Je m’appelle Léo et j’aime jouer.  The children also joined Lulu in performing her special ‘dancing’ song. Je m’appelle Lulu et j’aime danser.

Lulu and Léo’s favourite game is Cache-Cache (Hide and Seek) and the children had great fun this week trying to find where the puppets were hiding in the classroom. The children were given a number of instructions to follow, before being allowed to search for their puppet friends:  Asseyez-vous! Fermez les yeux! Cachez les yeux! Comptez! Ouvrez les yeux!  Allez-y! Trouvez Léo et Lulu!  There was great excitement to see who could find the puppets first.

The children thanked Léo and Lulu for their lovely French stickers: Merci beaucoup! It was then time to say goodbye: Au revoir Léo!  Au revoir Lulu!