Silver Smarties Challenge!

Senior School
30 Jan 20

We’re giving you some Smarties to eat,

But the empty tube you must keep!

For every task done, earn 20p,

It’s up to you to earn your fee,

Fill up your tube, right to the top,

Return in three weeks for our charity pot!


Use your Super Hoot Powers of initiative and independence to think of jobs you could do to help out at home and earn 20p for each job, to collect for The Heart of Kent Hospice Charity. One tube of Smarties will be given to the eldest child in each family to bring home. See how many 20 pences you can earn. Siblings can work together to earn their 20p coins.

Can you lay the breakfast table, sort socks into pairs, help look after a pet, pick up leaves, sweep the drive, put the shoes away, hang up coats, pack your tuck and lots more!

Smartie tubes will be taken home on Monday 3rd February, to be handed back into school filled with their charity donations of 20p coins to Mrs Theobald’s classroom during the week beginning 24th February. The money raised will go to the Pre-Prep’s charity Elmer’s Big Heart of Kent Parade in support of Heart of Kent hospice.