Deputy Head’s Lines – 04.03.22

Prep School
4 Mar 22

Each half of term at SVPS starts with a now-familiar pattern. On the first day back, in assembly, I always talk to the children about our new pair of Learning Powers and when I speak to the children about what these Learning Powers look like, I always try to give some examples, to illustrate how they might look in the real world.

The last two weeks have very much followed the same pattern. On the first day back after the Half Term break, I spent some time exploring our new Learning Powers of flexibility and collaboration, through the lens of our MEGA Manners week and the importance of listening when we are part of a team.

One of the most important aspects to consider when telling the children about the importance of the Learning Powers is that they are skills for life, that will serve them well into the future, rather than being something that we just do at School. Every now and then, we are able to hold up an example of what they look like in real life, in front of the children’s eyes, and this is something that can have a very powerful impact indeed.

This week has seen one of those opportunities, in the guise of our wonderful SVPSPA, who work so tirelessly to provide rich and valuable experiences for our children. That they are able to gather a whole team together, mid-week in March, every year, to produce delicious pancakes for the whole School, many staff included, is an exercise in flexibility and collaboration. Working as the great team that they are, with smiles on their faces, our parents put their own Learning Powers to the test.

Tenacity when things go wrong or pancakes fall on the floor, doubtless some bravery when faced with hot oil spitting on their hands, flexibility in the face of specific dietary needs and collaboration to bring the whole thing together with smiles on faces.

The School works at its best when staff, parents and children are all involved in the process and we are very lucky at SVPS to have a Parents’ Association that has fully bought into this philosophy. We do not take this for granted and, indeed, are very grateful for everything they do for the children and staff.

It won’t be long until the Easter Bunny is once more bouncing across the Head’s Lawn, so watch this space…