Collaged Characters

Prep School
4 Mar 22

Having previously drawn self-portraits that reflected their likeness through perfect facial feature proportions and shading to enhance 3D realism, our Year 4 children have made a move towards the surreal, coming face to face with Picasso’s portraits and his abstract, cubist style. Why view a face from one direction when you can construct it from different angles?

Embracing the freedom of expression, to create imaginative characters with their own unique facial feature proportions, Year 4 were inspired by Mary Rountree Moore’s People of the Times. These People of the Times pieces are collaged portraits created from New York Sunday Times newspapers. Moore recycles newspapers, reinventing them as informative faces that capture the mixed media of collage splendidly.

The children followed in the creative footsteps of these artists but added their own personalised portrait touches. As a result, the walls along the Art room corridor, resemble a magnificent portrait gallery of colourful characters!