Copy Prizes – March 2022

Senior School
18 Mar 22

A number of Headmaster’s Copy Prizes have been awarded recently for some excellent academic work.

In First Form, two copy prizes have been given for some fantastic Mathematic research. Seb Harmer received a copy prize for his research into Greek mathematicians, with a particular focus on Pythagorean triples and their use in everyday society and Harry Heyworth received a copy prize for his research into the life and works of Archimedes, including Archimedes’ work on infinite series and his proof of the circle.

Another First Form student, Thomas Green, has also been awarded a copy prize for his prep work on the crusades. In Thomas’ work, he had successfully considered the audience, including the appropriate information and, most importantly, he was able to deliver an engaging argument.

Charlotte Briggs (Third Form) received a Copy Prize for an excellent piece of writing on the causes of The First World War. Mrs Sunde, Head of History, was especially impressed by her work and commented that the standard of her work is always incredibly high.

Congratulations to all four students!