County Level Hockey

Senior School
18 Mar 22

We are delighted to share that 15 players from SVS are currently playing at County level! They each play in a league with their next matches being on 10th April.

You can find more information on their leagues and previous match results below:

Girls U13: Sydney Webster (Second Form) W 2-1 v London North and D 3-3 v Surrey Lions

Girls U14: Elizabeth Burden, Pippa Campbell, Rachel Farrell and Grace Williams (all Third Form) 2-0 W v Hampshire and 3-0 W v London North

Girls U15: Florence Wood (Fourth Form) W 3-0 v Buckinghamshire and L 2-1 v Hampshire

Boys U15: Charlie Collie and Jago Ongley-Dellar (both Fourth Form) W 4-1 v Hampshire and W 6-0 v Buckinghamshire

Girls U16: Katie Henley and Olivia Farrell (both Fifth Form) L 3-1 v Berkshire and D 2-2 v Hampshire

Boys U16: Charles Taylor (Fifth Form) W 2-0 v Buckinghamshire and W 3-1 v Kent

Girls U17: Grace Bartleet and Charlotte Wellings (both Lower Sixth) 3-1 L v Buckinghamshire and 2-2 D v Hampshire

Boys U17: Lorcan Hanna and Charlie Wood (both Lower Sixth) W 3-0 vs Buckinghamshire and W 2-0 vs Hampshire