French Theatre Visit 2022

Senior School
18 Mar 22

This morning, a language theatre company visited the school to perform a French and Spanish play for Second to Fourth Form students. First up was the French play Mon père ne me comprend pas, which translates as My dad does not understand me. A number of Second Form students who watched the French play share their reflections below.

“From my understanding of the play it was about a girl (Helene) whose dad got her baby toys for her birthday and thought she was 15 even though she was 16, he also gave her a magic wand that granted her three wishes and she wished for her whole family to be cooler and it came true. She was truly embarrassed! Her best friends were crying over a boy and forgot about her birthday! Eventually, she broke the wand and everything went back to normal. I found this play very interesting and I am glad we were given the opportunity to watch it” – Isabelle Priestly

“I really liked the French play. Despite me not being fluent in French, I could still understand what was going on. My favourite part was when the grandmother grabbed her pistol and went mad!” – George Stanley

“It was quite interesting to watch a play in another language. It was pretty easy to understand. Although I didn’t pick up every single word, I did get a good idea of what was going on” Phoebe Kolek

“The play was funny, interesting and entertaining to watch. It was easy to follow and had a good storyline” – Darcey Bird

“The actors were very good and managed to time their lines perfectly with the pre-recorded calls that were embedded in the play. Overall, the play was fun and I managed to learn some more French” – Edward Homard