Christmas and Christingles

Prep School
9 Dec 22

This week in English, the children in Year 1 have been writing their lists and letters to Father Christmas, looking through catalogues for ideas and including adjectives to describe the gifts.

They loved dressing up in the role play area and acting out being elves, making toys in the workshop with the reindeers. They also practised reading and writing high frequency words onto baubles for our table tree.

In Religious Education, the children learned about how Christians celebrate Christmas and acted out family traditions in the small world tuff tray, which was covered in snow. They showed great speaking and listening skills and took turns brilliantly.

In Mathematics, the children helped Santa work out the numbers on the presents by finding the missing numbers, as well as consolidating the Mathematics coverage this term. They worked on their number bonds to 10, 20 and even challenged themselves to work out number bonds to 100 on the Christmas trees.

The children made their own Christingles for our Church service where they recited a poem off by heart in front of a large audience and sang beautifully.