Playing with Paper

Prep School
9 Dec 22

Design and Technology for pupils in Year 3 has been fun! Productively, the children have been playing with paper, experimenting with different paper sculpture techniques and developing their construction skills.

Cutting carefully with scissors, they created fringes and spirals – both circular and square. Paper chains were produced with glee, folding zig zags was a little trickier, but mastered as they made staircases and concertinas with smiles on their faces. Scrunching creates wonderful effects and the children joyfully manipulated paper into exciting forms and confidently cut tabs to attach their cylinders.

The playing with paper continued as the Year 3 designers created fun sculptures using recycled paper and brightly coloured card. Applying their paper sculpture techniques, along with their own experimentation and inventions, they played innovatively with paper to create sculptural artworks that celebrated Water Volcanoes, Trampoline Pools, Lava Extinction, A Waterfall Hotel and Stairs to Volcano Hall! They captured the creative fun of designing perfectly!