Blind Veterans Night Walk 2022

Senior School
10 Jun 22

Blind Veterans UK is a charity that provides crucial assistance to ex-servicemen and women with very significant loss of sight. Their specialist training and support help the individuals regain their independence and optimism and to make the most of the opportunities available to them. As well as supporting individuals, they also help their families, who often need support or advice in their own right. Teaching new skills, sorting out housing issues, helping with benefits claims, and providing a thriving sporting and social network are just a few of their many roles.

Every year we put on a walk, in aid of this charity. This year, on Friday 27th May, as the rest of the School started their Half Term, ten hardy pupils along with eight staff and a parent made their way to Shipbourne to start the Night Walk – a 26-kilometre trek back to School. The first leg was a gentle seven kilometres to West Peckham. This was completed in the daylight and gave some spectacular views of the countryside. From West Peckham, the route meandered its way to Yalding. Tiredness started to set in, especially as overgrown footpaths meant small diversions had to be made. The third leg to Linton was started at dusk and by the time it was completed we were walking under the stars.

The final leg was a six-kilometre walk along the Greensand Way to School, a familiar route to many. With dry weather, good company and lots of energy, the Night Walk (or Sunset Stroll as someone named it!) for 2022 came to an end with over £200 raised for a worthy cause.