Year One round-up

Prep School
13 Mar 23

Children in Year One have had a busy week, including learning about odd and even numbers, understanding the rules which apply to groups of numbers and spotting patterns on a hundred square. In English lessons, the children have enjoyed learning about the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. They have played Top Trumps to compare the attributes of each and then had lots of fun designing their own.

In Science, the children have been labelling parts of a plant, as well as understanding how each part has a role in the plant’s survival. Class 1T were brilliant performers, showing off their excellent knowledge of last term’s topic on Safari. They also recited a poem and sang the Phonics Shed rhymes of the term. In Art, the children gathered ideas in their sketchbooks and then used stones and a range of materials to create their own Scarab Beetle masterpieces.