Year 5 Trip to Leeds Castle

Prep School
10 Dec 21

On Tuesday, Year 5 went to Leeds Castle. Charlie H has written this fabulous report of the day.

‘We started to get out of the buses and a very nice lady called Marilyn split us up into two groups. My group were shown to the education room where we were met with two very important people, our tour guides – Royal Majesties King Henry VIII and Catharine of Aragon – who showed us to their palace, Leeds Castle.

They showed us around and told us all about the rooms and why they were built. He called us his Knights and Lords and we asked him lots of questions. Oliver the ‘Wizard’ was telling us the future and saying things that Henry did not like and that Catharine of Aragon was not happy with.

Next, we went into the education room and they showed us the history of the Castle buildings and how they had changed over time. Then we started the workshop and they asked who wanted to be King Henry VIII and Queen Catharine of Aragon. I was chosen as King Henry and Tamzin was chosen as Queen Catharine of Aragon. We were told to sit in our thrones and we said, “Let’s stop at Leeds Castle on the way to the port, on the way to the Field of the Cloth of Gold!”. We learnt lots about the Field of the Cloth of Gold and had a feast (it turns out that Henry has pretty bad table manners!) and then the jesters came out and told some really funny jokes! We then retired to our Royal apartments and sat on the thrones.

At lunchtime, we headed to the eating area. Everyone was sitting down and chatting about what they did and what they liked. They said how we all laughed at the ‘groom of the stool’ for moving and talking. We then went back to School and did our afternoon lessons’.