Year 4 in Stitches

Senior School
29 Nov 19

In Design and Technology, Year 4 have been focusing on Roman mosaics, the decorative, ancient artworks that told stories and imbued beauty in both Roman homes and bath houses.  Made up of hundreds of tesserae, mosaics pay homage to patience and creativity.

Did you know?  The artists who created mosaics in Roman times did not sign their name to their masterpieces.  They valued themselves as artisans, rather than artists and their reputation spread by admiration and word of mouth.  Year 4 have combined artistry and artistic talent to create symmetrical patterns to design a mosaic coaster.  Furthermore, they have used geometric shapes and patterns, reminiscent of Roman times, to stitch a design on their hand crafted felt bags.  Applying patience and creativity, Year 4 have used running and backstitch with confidence.  Needle threading and tying knots is another useful skill that Year 4 are mastering.

During their lessons, there has been a focused calmness even though Year 4 are in stitches over their Roman mosaics.