What a Maths Week

Senior School
29 Nov 19

This week SVPS was full of Maths!  The pupils took part in many different activities designed to enrich their mathematical skills and understanding.  On Monday and Tuesday, The Problem Solving Company joined us with their Classroom Escapes activity.  Each class was introduced to their theme and shown how escape boxes work.  Working in small groups, the pupils cracked codes, worked out riddles and solved puzzles to gain access to the next level.  The groups raced against the clock, to find information and unravel the mysteries.  The Pre-Prep took part in other problem solving and puzzle activities.  They looked at tangrams, tied themselves up and sorted lots of shapes and puzzles.  It was two days of hands-on Maths challenges that exercised the brain and encouraged thinking, logical reasoning and mathematical understanding; they all showed amazing teamwork.  During this week’s Maths lessons, the pupils based their learning around the book How Many Jelly Beans by Andrew Menotti.  This opened so many different opportunities to learn new mathematical skills and facts,  from Nursery to Year 6.  The best part was incorporating real jellybeans into our Mathematics.  We never knew you could do so much Mathematics with just Jellybeans!  The pupils, sorted, collected, added, weighed, completed tally charts and bar graphs and learned about probability, ratio, symmetrical patterns, fractions, percentages, time, eating and much more!  Some Year 6 pupils were running competitions and next week you can find out who won the TTRockstars Avatar competition and who estimated the correct amount of jellybeans in the jar.