Year 3 Peer Gynt Artwork

Senior School
5 Mar 21

Year 3’s imaginations have been on fire this term listening to Grieg’s music In the Hall of the Mountain King. Distraught at having been thwarted in love, Peer Gynt soon lost his way on an unfamiliar mountain track as darkness fell. The local troll population were delighted with their find – a perfect solution to their Mountain King’s quest to find a husband for his hideous troll daughter! 

It’s an exciting story, but nowhere near as exciting as the chase that ensued when Peer Gynt made the escape attempt described in Grieg’s music! 

Below is a video showing the children’s creative responses to the music, and their growing confidence getting used to some of the musical terms used to describe the dynamics, tempo changes and special techniques that Grieg employed to help bring the story to life.  Well done Year 3!

Peer Gynt Video