Visual Variety

Prep School
11 Nov 22

The Art room has been a hive of experimentation and creativity as the children have embraced taking creative risks this week. Including the teacher, we have all stepped outside our comfort zones to leave caution in the corridor.

During the Half Term break, Mrs Savage headed North to visit Gomersal Primary to meet Mandy Barret their Art teacher. It was a truly inspiring visit and she got to experience first-hand how the children use their sketchbooks as visual diaries to reflect their creativity and individuality.

Pupils in Year 6 embraced their Learning Powers of Bravery, Independence and Initiative as they experimented using a variety of different mediums to create different marks, colours, textures and techniques in their sketchbooks. Freedom of expression to capture visual variety and to have fun with paint, pastels, collage, crayons and colour was the order of the day, along with the mantra: be brave, be bold, be you!

The buzz of excitement and experimentation was fantastic as they took risks, made mistakes and flew with creative confidence!