Sports First Aid Protocols

Prep School
11 Nov 22

Welcome back to another exciting Half Term on the Sports field where we have Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Cross Country and Equestrian events coming up in the run-up to Christmas. Please could we ask that you remind yourself of our protocols for injury prevention, treatment and recovery below:

All our Sports teachers and coaches are first aid trained and will have a fully stocked first aid kit with them on match days. We also have medical supplies in the Pavilion, Sports Hall and the School office should the need arise, so we are well equipped to deal with any injuries around School.

Please may I ask that if your child has an injury playing Sport at the weekend that requires any medical treatment, you email myself and the School office. This is even more important with any head injury from contact sports such as rugby. We currently follow the guidelines on concussion from the RFU and concussion needs to be treated carefully, with strict return to play protocols for any player. If you have any doubt about your child’s head injury then please do seek medical advice and inform us of the outcome. Thankfully, major injuries on the Sports field here at SVPS are very rare and with careful planning, management and treatment we would like to keep it that way.

Thank you.