Visor Victory

Senior School
17 Apr 20

Whilst the School presses ahead with educating pupils through the medium of online teaching, Fergus Fowle (2019 H), an Old Suttonian and ex-member of the Design and Technology department, has been charitably continuing with the production of the much-needed visors for the frontline staff across the country. Mr Kirk’s update is below:

“Fergus has single-handedly produced a further 24 boxes, each containing a dozen visors, ready to go out to these front line staff. This means that the Design and Technology department at SVS has distributed 847 visors to date.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a sincere thank you for all your kind words and congratulatory comments, which have supported the team through this continued production. I also congratulate those of you who have also been creating visors and other forms of PPE from home. It is a delight to hear of these cottage industries, which have been invaluable to the NHS staff.

SVS has a great sense of community, which is ever-growing, and must be cherished.”

​Mr Kirk, Head of Design and Technology

We extend our thanks also to Fergus, Mr Kirk and everyone who has been involved in this project to protect our frontline workers.