Head Message – 17th April 2020

Senior School
17 Apr 20

It is day three of the Summer Term 2020 and I am amazed and impressed with how quickly and how well our children have adapted to virtual School and the ‘new normal’. For the SVPS academic staff, the Easter break was spent undertaking some very intensive training and, on Wednesday, I think I wasn’t the only teacher to feel a sense of relief at the end of my first Zoom lesson; the internet hadn’t broken, the objectives I had planned to cover were achieved and the children were as keen and hard-working as ever!

This ‘new normal’ also means that although we are closed, we have remained open to the children of critical workers. The children who came in throughout the holidays were an absolute joy and the group working in School this term have also got on with their online learning with enthusiasm and dedication. Of course, the weather has helped all of us as we try to strike a balance with regard to screen time and seeing the children here undertaking their outdoor learning tasks or simply playing on the Head’s Lawn at the end of the School day is a wonderful, daily reminder of life before and how it will be once again.

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Corkran