Upcycling and Recycling Workshop

Prep School
3 Feb 23

On Tuesday 7th February, children in Year 4 will be having an informative, hands-on, environmental Upcycling and Recycling Workshop at School. The workshop focuses on discussing green issues in the home, at School and in a global context to raise children’s awareness of environmental issues. Making use of redundant materials, the children will create new and useful objects from what they formerly regarded as rubbish.

To facilitate the upcycling and recycling activities, please can Year 4 children each bring a rinsed out, 1L cardboard carton into School on Monday or Tuesday. It would be helpful if the top and bottom of the 1L carton could be removed. Please see the below picture.

The Upcycling/Recycling workshop embraces cross-curricular learning and will highlight how we can all play a part in supporting a beautiful and healthy natural environment.