2C’s Chinese New Year

Prep School
3 Feb 23

Children in 2C were very excited to present their first-class assembly. The theme was the Chinese New Year – the year of the Rabbit. The children enjoyed shaking the rattlers they had made whilst whooping loudly, to frighten away any bad spirits for the year ahead. 

The children informed the audience that not only are the colours red and orange considered to be lucky, but also that children would be given gifts of red envelopes with money inside!

There was a competition, a Chopstick Challenge, where chopsticks had to be used to move slippery butterbeans and chickpeas from one bowl to another. The winner was the one to achieve the most transported in 30 seconds. We could not believe it when Mrs Froggatt and Mr Scholey tied to win! Thank you and well done, 2C!