Trips Calendar

Senior School
13 May 22

As things continue to work their way back to some form of normality, we have started to compile a Trips calendar that will run through to summer 2025. The main point of this is to help parents identify any particular preference that their children might have as to which of these fantastic opportunities they wish to seize.

Whilst we already have the trip to Krakow planned for December in place – in the near future those going will be asked to provide copies of their passports – and expressions of interest have been received for the rearranged trip to Nepal, you can expect to receive introductory letters to some of the other trips mentioned on this spreadsheet in the coming months. In the meantime, we will continue to work on revitalising various projects. For example, next week we will be hosting the Headmistress of Roseville College in Sydney who have previously been our partner School in an Exchange programme for Fifth Form girls post their GCSEs. Similarly, plans are beginning to shape for the various pre-season camps that will take place before the term starts on 6th September .

You can view the current trip calendar here. Please note that more trips may be added and that the calendar is subject to change.