Third Form Field Day

Senior School
8 Oct 20

In these strange circumstances, our Third Form students experienced a very different CCF Field Day this term than usual. Our CCF leaders ensured the day was still a success. Filipp Rivanenok (Third Form) summarises the day in his report below:

“From the very start of the Michaelmas term, everybody knew that Third Form CCF would be very different this year. We couldn’t visit military bases or go on trips, everything had to be done on School grounds. Nevertheless, I am sure that even though the CCF Field Day was shortened due to bad weather, everyone enjoyed it.

There was a wide range of exciting activities including shooting, observation, navigation, cooking, marching, walking and more. Certainly, one of the best experiences was heating and eating the rations. Everyone knocked over the small portable cooker at least once, myself included. The food itself was, let’s just say, different, but it instantly energised us and kept us going for the afternoon. My favourite activity had to be shooting but walking, or pacing as it was called, was not far behind. We had to navigate through a forest full of winding paths and our group was one of the only ones not to get lost.

I think that everyone in the Third Form would love to say an immense thank you to all of the staff that sacrificed so much of their time to give us an unforgettable experience. From the organisers to the instructors, everyone put a lot of effort into this Field Day. I have no doubt that many of us will choose to continue with CCF because of this day.”

Filipp Rivanenok