The Art of Reading

Prep School
3 Mar 23

“There is an art of reading, as well as an art of thinking, and an art of writing.” – Clarence Day (author and cartoonist).

The Art Room has some new exciting tools to extend the children’s creativity, develop new artistic skills and expand their knowledge. These inspiring new additions to the Art Room’s hive of activity, are some wonderful, magical and informative… books!

Books about modern art, women who have changed the world in both Art and Science, and books that encourage the Super Power of Observation by looking closely at artworks.

Reading is an art form that encourages cross-curricular creative thinking so the children can indulge in not just developing their visual skills, but their comprehension skills too. With this in mind, Mrs Savage sets the SVPS community an artistic challenge:

How many pictures can you paint in your head by regularly reading a book?