SVS Induction Day 2021

Senior School
18 Jun 21

On Monday, a number of our Year 6 children, who are moving up to the Senior School, attended their virtual Induction Day. As they were unable to host them on-site, they created a fun, interactive day online. 

Firstly, they met the Head of Juniors, Mr Carr, along with their new tutor and new fellow tutees. They then had a full day of interactive lessons, meet-and-greets and discovering what was inside their boxes, which included their house t-shirt.

In one of the interactive lessons, Mr Kirk, Head of Design and Technology, tasked our new students with creating a vehicle using a rubber band and things they could find around the house, making sure it was sturdy enough that it could carry a lump of plasticine. He commented, “the Design and Technology department would like to thank all students who rose to the challenge during the recent Induction Day. Students were resourceful with their materials and effectively put these to use when designing and creating a rubber-band powered vehicle. I’m sure many of these students will continue to experiment with weight distribution, methods for enhancing power, speed, and direction of travel, and will strive to get their vehicle to travel even further distances.”