P4L Round Up

Senior School
18 Jun 21

P4L has proven to be a great success this year. Last week, our Year 3 children commented that they liked it because “it was different to their normal lessons”, “it was practical” and “fun”. For the teachers, it has been great to see the students apply their Super Hoot learning powers of initiative, independence, tenacity, reflection, curiosity, originality and collaboration whilst building on and developing skills for the future.

Some recent highlights include Year 4’s entrepreneurship projects in which they researched, designed, made, marketed and presented briefs on their products. They had a chance to meet with our Marketing Officer, who was very impressed with their work. Some of the students actually sold their products and have even turned a profit. Products included homemade celebration cards, Zachary H’s wildflower bee-promoting seed mix, Zachabees, which are available online; Scrub-a-glove and a pop-up dog house to name a few.

Year 5 were also very innovative, during their Mission to Mars trip where they were tasked with designing a product that could help solve one of the various problems encountered by astronauts. Designs included rockets, vehicles to travel on the rocky terrain of Mars, long-lasting oxygen tanks, plantations and even fluffy socks, as no one wants sore feet when having to walk on the moon all day! This inspired a sub-project, looking at the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, after which they created Yayoi Kusama art.

Year 6 leave SVPS a little wiser about money matters. One of the students was excited about the fact that they will be receiving a debit card in the next few weeks as they now feel more knowledgeable about the cards and money.