SVS eBook Library

Senior School
18 Sep 20

We are very excited that pupils can now browse and borrow eBooks from the SVS eBook library, found here:

It’s quick and simple for them to set up and within minutes pupils are able to read eBooks anywhere, any time, on most devices. Even if they are offline, the ePlatform app enables pupils to borrow and read eBooks on their iPad, Galaxy, Windows tablet or other tablet/mobile device – without downloading any additional software. Just log in once and begin reading or listening; when you exit, your place is automatically bookmarked and you can begin where you stopped with just one click. This month we are hoping to add audiobooks to this library platform which will be particularly beneficial to our dyslexic pupils.

The eBook library catalogue is full of bestselling, popular fiction and non-fiction titles and will offer pupils a 24/7 access to a digital library, in addition to the print library in School. Pupils can browse the categories and age range they are interested in, click on an eBook they like and read the blurb before deciding to borrow it. Pupils can have two books out on loan at any one time, and they will automatically return after two weeks, or students can return them early in order to loan a new book. The eBooks can be read on a computer, laptop, or through the free App on tablets or smartphones.

Reading through your web browser on a laptop or computer

Pupils can browse the collection or search for a specific book title, author or publisher and borrow the book they choose. It is then assigned to them for the two-week period.

Reading through the App

To download the App, search “ePlatform” in the App Store and download. Click on the app and then you will then need to search for the Sutton Valence School library. Once you start typing, it will bring up the School on the list.

Click the three little lines in the top left corner and select ‘sign in’. Enter pupil username (School log-in) and password (School password) assigned and, as above, search for a book to read. Using the App, the books will be temporarily downloaded to the device so pupils will not need internet connections once the book has been borrowed to read. 

If you need further help, you can contact our librarian, Mrs Carter, here.