SVPS Design Challenge

Prep School
13 May 22

Maidstone Museum launched a design challenge for schools across Kent. Designers had to use inspiration from an artefact, gallery or special exhibition at the Museum to produce a prototype product that could be sold in the Museum Shop.

Designs had to be sustainable and retail for less than £10. The winning school will be awarded £200 to pay for the raw materials required to enable a batch production of the winning prototype to be produced for sale in the Museum Shop in June.

Nine Year 6 children were up for the challenge and created mood boards, designed illustrations of their product from all relevant angles, and an evaluation outlining their links to the museum and a technical specification sheet. With the added support of Mr Kirk, Head of Design and Technology at the Senior School, the prototypes became a reality. A beautiful Japanese lantern designed innovatively and independently by Sienna C was illuminating in its beauty and practicality. A novel Roman sword pencil sharpener, designed by Ishaan P, Sam P, Jude R and Jai S, was most pointedly, a sought after and useful item. The bespoke Egyptian nested dolls, designed by Matilda C, James C, Esme S and Olivia Q, was a functional, eye-catching and unique product. Brilliantly, their hard work and design efforts paid off and all three designs made the top ten entries to be selected to present in person to the judging panel.

The only catch, Year 6 was on a French trip when the presentations took place. Luckily, they were able to film their product presentations and the pictures below clearly show that the judges were suitably impressed by their pitches and products. A final decision is yet to be made, so while you are watching this space, pay a visit to the Maidstone Museum to view the display of our dedicated and fantastic designer’s heritage-inspired products.