SV I-Fit Reminder

Senior School
5 Feb 21

Mr Howell wanted to remind pupils and parents of the flexibility within the SV I-Fit programme. The range of resources pupils have access to does not need to be used during scheduled Games or PE lessons.

We know that pupils may want a rest after on-screen academic lessons and the SV I-Fit programme provides pupils with a bank of resources on their respective Microsoft Teams channels they can use at any time convenient to them.

The virtual lessons created by Sports staff are aimed to limit screen time. They have: Developing Physical Literacy for injury reduction and to optimise performance brochure – designed to allow pupils to carry out workouts based around fundamental movements in a bid to improve physical literacy; SV I-Fit Weekly Athlete Challenge Checklist – This provides challenges across nutrition, hydration, and sleep, plus tactical and technical challenges across all our sports Our SV I-Fit running and cycling clubs (via the Strava App) – we have nearly 200 members, which is fantastic and all members of the SVS community are warmly invited to join.