Survive and Save

Senior School
25 Feb 22

Since the beginning of term, the Fourth and Fifth Forms CCF Royal Navy section cadets have been undergoing a lifesaving course in the School’s swimming pool. The RLSS Survive and Save course is run by an eternal instructor and teaches the cadets the basics of water safety and lifesaving. As well as classroom-based training, a lot of the lifesaving course is pool-based, with the cadets needing to swim at least seven lengths and tread water for a significant period of time whilst wearing clothes, demonstrating the stamina required to be a lifesaver.

Having completed this, over the next few weeks they will learn the various techniques for helping people in trouble to stay afloat, including retrieval from a body of water, as well as the requisite first aid techniques and training that go with that. Once qualified, the cadets can use this qualification as a springboard for working as a lifeguard within leisure centres and at beaches.