Super Swimmers

Senior School
14 Feb 20

Swimming is the focus for this week’s PE article, a life skill that all of our pupils from Reception to Year 6 learn during their PE lessons with Mr Davey and Mrs Woods. As well as enjoying their regular class swimming lessons, it is super that many of our pupils also take part in before or after school clubs, or attend external clubs in the evening or at the weekend. We have some very talented swimmers and we are excited to share with you how well a number of them did last week, at the IAPS Regional Swim Meet.

Seb Harmer (Year 5), Nathan Calverley (Year 5), Lydia Head (Year 5), Clementine Bennett (Year 5), Matilda Foreman (Year 5), Charlotte Slaughter (Year 5) and Olivia Quiller (Year 4) represented themselves and the School in six separate U10 events. These events are hotly contested by the very best swimmers in the area, all aiming to come first and record a fast time. The top 20 swimmers in the entire country are invited to the National Finals are held each year in June at the London Aquatics Centre, where the pupils can compete in the same pool as the Olympic Swimmers of London 2012. 

Regional results have been published with the following times and placings:

S. Harmer – 1st in U10 25m Breaststroke (19.94 secs)

N. Calverley – 3rd in U10 25m Freestyle (17.06 secs)

L. Head – 3rd in U10 25m Freestyle (17.00 secs)

C. Bennett – 5th in U10 25m Breaststroke (24.31 secs)

U10 Girls Freestyle Relay – 4th (1.19.32 secs)

We are keeping our fingers crossed to see if any of these times are fast enough to qualify for the National Finals. We are all extremely proud of their efforts, as this is not something that you wake up one day and can achieve. Many hours have been spent in the pool and all seven of our pupils have shown what dedication, tenacity and commitment can achieve!