Super Exciting Sketchbooks  

Prep School
20 Jan 23

The Art Room welcomed a wonderful visit from Year 2 children this week. With sketchbooks in arms, they brought their excitement and creativity into the Art Room for some stimulating sketchbook time with the guinea pigs (and Mrs Savage). ​

Nurturing a love of using their sketchbooks as a visual diary, a personal notebook and a place to record their observations, develop ideas and experiment with different techniques and mediums was the focus. ​

Who better to help inspire creativity and freedom of expression, than the SVPS guinea pigs with their abundance of artistic characteristics? Wavy, spiky, mottled fur, beady black eyes, pink noses and wiry whiskers encouraged mark-making using line and texture. Squeaks, carrots and lettuce leaves inspired words and collages to create vegetables and guinea facts. ​

Their confidence to experiment creatively and draw from observation and imagination using a variety of pencils, pens and collaged paper, ensured that the children created exciting, unique pages that celebrated the ‘superness’ of SVPS sketchbooks and our guinea pigs.​