Spots and Stripes Designing

Senior School
27 May 22

The Fourth Form and Lower Sixth Design and Technology students had a very exciting morning as part of the annual Spots and Stripes Day. Tanith Brown from The Big Cat Sanctuary visited the Design and Technology department to launch an exciting design task for the students.

Tanith kindly shared her expertise with the students, teaching them about The Big Cat Sanctuary and explaining the need for each of their cats to have enrichment activities. Tanith shared amazing footage of some of the enrichment activities currently undertaken with the cats and challenged the students to design further solutions.

The students worked in groups, drawing on Tanith’s knowledge to design a range of products and enclosures to enrich the lives of both the big and small cats at the sanctuary. Their ideas covered a wide range of enriching elements, from encouraging exercise through mechanical food delivery systems to mentally stimulating the cats with aromas from other animals.

It was delightful to see the students from both year groups working together excellently and creating collaborative ideas. The Design and Technology department would very much like to thank Tanith for her time and we look forward to sharing the students’ finalised designs after Half Term.