Fourth Form Metal Project

Senior School
27 May 22

Our Fourth Form Design and Technology students have enjoyed applying their theoretical knowledge of metals through a practical manufacturing project. They have successfully developed their skills in manufacturing and have learnt how to use a wide range of new tools and processes within the department. It has been delightful to see their knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, material properties and suitable surface finishes within their project work.

The students were provided with a design brief, to design and manufacture a functioning bottle opener for a specific target user group. The students undertook detailed research and investigations through primary and secondary sources, such as analysing existing products and conducting surveys to establish their target user group and their key wants and needs. Students followed this with additional research into material properties to select the appropriate material of use and understand the limitations of certain material choices. Finally, the students created a range of suitable design ideas and proceeded with the manufacture of their final design.

The students have produced some superb product outcomes and they thoroughly enjoyed learning a range of new skills to put into practice their theoretical understanding.