South-East Cadet Skill at Arms 2022

Senior School
30 Sep 22

Last weekend, the Sutton Valence CCF Shooting team took part in the annual South-East Cadet Skill at Arms (or CADSAAM for short) competition at Pirbright Ranges which was held for the first time since 2019. They competed with nearly 30 other teams from other CCF and ACF units from as far afield as Essex, Hampshire and Surrey and as well as teams fielded by local rivals Sevenoaks School and Maidstone Grammar School. The boys took part in four matches where they fired from various positions including prone, sitting and kneeling as well as firing from the standing position in a fire trench at various distances from 100 to 300 meters. They fired an average of 120 rounds each using 5.56 ammunition using the L98A2 cadet GP semi-automatic rifle.

The matches included the urban contact match and the advance and reorganisation match. These matches are designed to test the cadets ability to fire accurately using deliberate and rapid fire techniques at stationary and snap targets. Two of the matches involved running 100 meters before throwing themselves down and firing prone. The boys marksmanship was tested throughout the day with the results a closely guarded secret until the end of the competition.

If you look closely at the photo below you will see from the proudly worn medals. The team won three of the four matches and were awarded best CCF and overall best team in the competition.

Special mention to Sergeant James Gardener (Upper Sixth) who captained the team magnificently and won a silver medal as runner-up in the individual over-18 competition. Also to Cadet Harry Mewett (Fourth Form) who won the competition Endeavour Award and Cadet Angus Brown (Fourth Form) who won the gold medal for coming first in the individual under-16 competition and was runner-up in the overall individual competition – one to watch for the future.

Finally, thanks must also go to Major Prem, Lieutenant Wood and Flight Lieutenant Westlake for giving so generously of their time to support the team with words of encouragement and a ready supply of sandwiches.