Snow Poems

Senior School
12 Feb 21

Poetry can be defined as ‘literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience’. As the snow fell this week, Year 5 grasped the opportunity to write snow poems to capture the winter wonderland that we all got to experience first-hand. You can read some fabulous poems below.

Snowball Fight  

You take aim… Fire! 

You miss, a little higher, 

What a hit! 

This is…

He hits you back, 

It flashes white and black, 

You get back up, 

It was all a setup! 

You go back to the house, 

You scurry like a mouse, 

But then he tells you with a croak, 

That it was all a joke! 

By James C


One not like any other a swift dancing snowflake prancing in the cold white wind  

Softly landing on the mound of pristine white dust 

And lying there until swept up into the frozen wind again. 

The Snow-covered branches with snowflakes carefully placed quietly moving back 

And forth shaking the fine snow off them slowly 

Start collecting beneath the white winter tree. 

By Tess H


The snowflakes falling 

As cold as Antarctica 

Icicles forming 

By Esme S

Silence is Snow

Snowflakes falling softly

Pirouetting patterned flakes

Landing lightly, quietly

Gently caressing the garden.


Trees standing silently

Wearing white

Stern guards

Surrounding the pond.


Ducks swimming slowly

Gliding on the glistening water

Snow white feathers

Quacks melt the snowy silence.

By Mrs Savage