Escape into a Landscape

Senior School
12 Feb 21

Year 4 have creatively escaped from lockdown by creating their very own L.S. Lowry landscapes, complete with matchstick figures, houses and factories. Many of Lowry’s paintings are not of actual places, he often sketched quick snapshots of objects and places that caught his interest. These were then pieced together in a composite painting.

Learning from the master himself, our Year 4 artists carefully composed landscapes by combining their drawings of matchstick figures and different buildings. They also considered foreground, middle ground and background to create perspective.

Can you see how they have varied the size of objects to accentuate depth in their landscapes? By adopting the muted five colour palette that Lowry favoured, Year 4 have drawn artworks that let us escape into a landscape that has touches of Lowry’s style but is, most convincingly, a place that is uniquely theirs.