Smart School Council

Senior School
13 Mar 20

This term has seen the School Council transition to a Smart School Council, in which all students are encouraged to get involved and make a difference. Some of our existing reps took on the challenge of forming a Communications Team to help facilitate the organisation of House Meetings and to support the Action Teams. Below is a summary of their updates.

This term, we received over 12 Action Forms. The children fill one of these out if they would like to start a club or would like to make a suggestion. Some of the suggestions included a Year 3 Science Club, a Disney Club and a Dodgeball Club. We are pleased to inform you that two Action Teams managed to start up their club this term, Gaming Club and Dodgeball Club.

This week, we went along to interview some of the members of the Gaming Club. Read our transcript below:

What is Gaming Club and why did you decide to start up this club?

“We play sensible, non-violent video games because we thought it would be fun and it teaches people to lose well.”

How did you get your club started?

“We organised the paper then we took it to a teacher and gave them reasons and it just happened that Mrs Dallamore said yes.”

The students also interviewed Mrs Dallamore:

Do you enjoy gaming?


What do you think the children are getting out of it?

“Enjoyment, teamwork and the ability to lose well.”

Miss Essu would like to say a big well done to the Communication Team and Smart School Council for their initiative, leadership and responsibility shown.