Sky is the Limit

Prep School
10 Jun 22

This week, the whole school, from Nursery to Year 6, took part in the Sky Arts Access All Arts Week. It was a nationwide arts week for primary school children, the aim being to bring the arts to every child, in every primary school, across the UK and Ireland. The mission is to increase access and drive participation in the arts. ​

Our children embarked on their arts week journey with enthusiasm and boundless creativity as words, sounds, marks, images and moves enjoyed travelling across the curriculum. Accompanied by their Super Hoot Learning Powers, the children reimagined their learning by asking ‘What if?’ to reflect on the outcomes, by embracing no right or wrong creative way, not being afraid of making a mark and stepping outside their comfort zone to try something new.​

Creativity took the lead with our Nursery children launching their new topic The Seaside and exploring ocean sounds, sea-themed dance and looking at different wave images and colours. Inspired by nature, Year 1 children created land art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Year 2 children embraced hands-on activities to partner with the arts, while our Year 3 children created musical moodles (expressing their feelings visually when listening to different music clips), reimagined their photographs of flowers, taken in Science, like artworks and experimented with different mark-making techniques to create a collaborative ‘Massive Monet Mark Making Masterpiece’!

Year 4 pupils discovered marks in Art and made their mark with a magnificent, collaborative butterfly lion collage in English, inspired by their class text. False perspective photographs encouraged them to reimagine image compositions in ICT so that they tricked the eye and wowed the viewer. Their mathematical masterpieces combined perimeter and colourful house sculptures. Year 6 pupils continued to extend their dramatic skills and adventure into Africa to capture the arts in a variety of independent projects. ​

An amazing pop-up gallery in the Bates Hall reflected the wonderful work that the arts have inspired. Sky Arts Week has been brilliant and everyone, both children and adults, have continued to raise the profile of the arts so that at SVPS the sky is the limit for creativity! ​