Showing their True Colours

Senior School
20 Mar 20

Year 2 have shown their true colours in a superb showcase of their amazing artworks. The exhibition is alive with colourful paintings, drawings and flowers, showcasing their artistic skills and paying testament to the hard work and creativity that has taken place.

Fabulous flowers created from paper plates combine colour, texture and relief sculpture, while exotic, bold, digitally-created blooms capture inspiration from the artist Ruth Daniels. Henri Rousseau’s jungles have been recreated, in oil pastel compositions that combine an abundance of leafy shapes, curling vines and various shades of glorious green. However, this is not the end of the spectacular show as delightful drawings based on Michael Peter Ancher’s Fisherman at Stormy Sea use chalk to portray the children’s personal renditions, mark making and freedom of artistic expression.  

Last but not least, Viking longships with decorated flags, dragon head prows and 3D form, race along the walls with the wind in their sails; showing off Year 2’s Design and Technology skills. The Year 2 showcase truly shows off their true colours – their tremendously creative Art!