Message from Head of Science – 20th March 2020

Senior School
20 Mar 20

Last week, we celebrated British Science Week. Doctor Francis, from ‘Working Science’, kicked off the week in style with a superb talk about recent scientific events around the world, as well as a few experiments involving some ‘fizz, pop and bang’ (apologies to Mrs Dallamore who had to use the slightly messy stage for the Y4 Play afterwards)!

In Science lessons, we dedicated one hour of our timetable, to venture off curriculum and explore some STEM activities. In Year 3, the children had a competition to build the tallest structure using only spaghetti and marshmallows. Year 4 constructed paper helicopters and experimented with the size and shape of them. The Year 5 children were on a mission to save their ‘eggnaut’ from splattering all over the lab floor, with only the use of a few basic materials. Year 6 managed to build a catapult, using only paper.

Well done to all our children displaying great tenacity and creativity! Mr Strydom is eagerly awaiting all the completed entries of the ‘Design a Lab Coat’ competition; one or two incredibly creative ones have already made their way to his desk. With Easter break on our doorstep, our children are advised to keep exploring our natural world. Who knows, you might just discover more than an Easter egg!