Science Week

Prep School
20 Mar 23

Year 2 started off Science Week with an environmental experiment based on an oil spill disaster. The children had been learning about the high seas, coastal seas and fresh water as part of their topic about the Earth. They had been thinking about how to look after our waters by not polluting them with rubbish.

The experiment taught the children about the consequences of oil spills in our oceans. They discussed the negative impact an oil spill can have on the shoreline habitat of many plants, animals and fish. The children had to think about how to absorb, remove and clean the oil, linking their learning to how oil spills are cleaned up when the disaster strikes. They had to work in teams to clean up the (olive) oil from the water and ensure their (toy) animals were cleaned up too. Some teams were successful whilst others thought about how they could improve their clean up if they were to do it again.