Science is Sweet

Senior School
29 Jan 21

Aaryan H (Year 6) has written a report about what Year 6 got up to in Science this week. “We have been classifying sweets. We had to bring in any sweets of our choice and to classify them, we had to sort the sweets into groups. For example, if you had Haribo’s (the best sweets) you had to sort it into groups such as whether they had a jelly bottom or non-jelly bottom. 

We continued to group all the sweets until we had classified them all, it did not matter what sweets we had.

This week, we have also classified animals – so you could put them into groups of mammals and non-mammals, land animals and sea animals or carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

Sadly, lockdown came, but if we had been in School, we would have classified biscuits and then eaten them.

Thank you to Miss Essu and Mr Strydom for making this happen.”